SportsEngine Registration: South Hills Amateur Hockey Association

18/19 Season Fee Registration


Thank your setting up your online season fee payments.

All season fee prices assume the $200 deposit already made to SHAHA.  If, for some reason, the $200 has not been collected by SHAHA; you will need to complete the Tryout Registration form at this following Link.

In the following pages, you will be able to select the season fee that applies to you based off of position (skater/goalie) and level.

You will also have the option to pay in full, in 5 monthly installments or 8 monthly installments.  For installment payments, the first portion will be collected at the time of completing this registration, and payments will be drawn on the first of the month concluding in December of this year.  

*Please be aware that the 8 installment plan begins in May, so if you select this plan at a later time, all of the past months installments will be taken out at the time of the current payment.  For example, if you begin the 8 installment plan in June with this registration, the first payment will take out May and June's payments at once.

If you have multiple children playing at SHAHA, please complete registrations one at a time, and you will be prompted at the end to register another player.

If you are registering a player that is participating on a Girls team, please select that as your playing level.  During that registration, you will be able to select that you are Dual Rostered with a SHAHA or PAHL Co-Ed team.

Finally, a 3% fee is assessed to all online transactions, as well as a $1 per transaction processing fee.  So for example, if you pay in full, only $1 will be charged in addition to the 3%, but if you select 8 installments, an additional $8 will be assessed because of the 8 individual transactions.

The total fee is collected off of the first payment and will not be a part of future installment payments.  This is not a fee that SHAHA retains and is a cost of online registrations through Sports Engine.

Thank you,
SHAHA Board of Directors